Eureka TrueVine Baptist Church is a family-oriented, multi-cultural National Ministry, headquartered at 3510 Millbranch, Memphis, Tennessee 38116, under the leadership of Sr. Pastor Frederick De' Wayne Tappan, Sr.

We are a church that strives to keep the Christian Family Atmosphere, no matter how many members the Lord blesses us with. This will be accomplished through first loving God, then loving and serving God’s People. I would like for you to attend Sunday School and Wednesday Night Bible Study and Prayer Service. The record is we are destroyed for a lack of knowledge and that men should always pray and not faint. I am confident we will not perish but flourish if we are instant in prayer and meditate on God’s Word.

So, let’s Worship, Grow, Give, and Serve the Lord together, and Invite others to “Experience Real Ministry, with a Real Message, for Real People.”

To provide “Real Ministry, with a Real Message, for Real People”

Our Mission is to present Christ to the unsaved and reach out to the unchurched; to teach, train and equip God’s people for ministry and evangelism, by faith, through the Power of the Holy Spirit. We further engage to nurture and maintain an atmosphere of Love, an Attitude of Commitment, and a culture of discipleship, while edifying the body of Christ and up building the Kingdom of God.

It is the vision of Eureka True Vine Baptist Church, to build a multi-cultural, Bible- based, Spirit led ministry that is seeker friendly, Love oriented and Evangelistically active. We also envision EXPANDING our Campus to include a Community Clinic and Education Facility, which will encourage spiritual as well as physical growth, where the Word of God can be Preached, Taught, Learned and Lived.